Classical and Over The Top Murals

Coffered ceiling with trompe l'oeil carved and gilded coffering and a Tiepolo sky with falling angels and cherubs, New York City.
Coffered ceiling with trompe l’oeil carved and gilded coffering and a Tiepolo sky with falling angels and cherubs, New York City.

Murals reflecting European traditions.

There has been a long worldwide tradition of decorative painting of our dwellings, from caves to palaces and even humbler abodes.  Mural painters have been embellishing their own and others residences for many many centuries. There is a new theory that the very early mural artists, who were decorating caves were female .  Therefore Kate is one of many carrying on a long tradition of decorative painting stretching back over many centuries. 

History of Mural Painting

Travelling through southern Europe, particularly Italian, Bavarian, Austrian and Silesian regions evidently many buildings have been decorated by mural artists inside and out.  The Romans and the Greeks  depicting architectural form.  More recently, geometric patterns on the outside of buildings in the 13th Century and subsequently mural painters using traditional types of imagery of repeated embellishment based on nature and the human form inside and outside even simple houses. You will find decorative painters have been everywhere.  There was a 17th Century mural artist called Giuseppe Castiglione who arrived in China at the request of Jesuit missionaries who had been requested by the Imperial Court to find European artists and mural artists.  Joined by other Jesuit artists, Castiglione was known as Lang Shining in China, he and his compatriots astounded the Emperor by the understanding and application of perspective.  Particularly seen in his painting of wisteria on a ceiling where the trompe l’oeil flowers cascade away from you changing form as they go.

Commissioning A Mural

More recently murals are having a renaissance.  Whether in the form of vinyl sticker murals from the local DIY centre, wall paper murals and preferably, (often cheaper than the other two) if you are commissioning a mural artist or a trompe l’oeil painter to paint a personal mural for you, murals continue to enhance the interiors of today.

Being a London mural artist, placed in the centre of of Eastern and Western mural painting traditions Kate has developed mural painting techniques which incorporate trompe l’oeil, decorative painting motifs and painting styles from other era’s and nations, successfully combining these techniques to produce murals that are decorative, technically correct and broadly reflect techniques of past traditions of mural painters and artists.